• In Development
  • "The Party" (2005)

    When the wife's away, the husbands will play in CME's first comedic short film.

    "Randi's Birthday" (2005)

    A father pays tribute to his daughter on her special day in this touching short.

    "Keep Livin'" (2007)

    Music video featuring Houston-based rapper Alias "J" - winner of the Mix Down/Picture Up Song and Video Competition, co-sponsored by sKinny beatz and Cougar's Marque Entertainment.

    "The Life and Times of Abigail Waller" (2015)

    CME's first foray into the world of the web series, now being re-imagined as Cougar's Marque Comics' first-ever webcomic!


    The Name

    Being based in Houston, we’ve often been asked if there’s an alumni connection with the University of Houston, whose mascot is the cougar.

    Not quite.

    CME founder Kevin Sorrell is a proud 1996 graduate of La Marque High School, 35 miles southeast of the nation’s fourth-largest city. The cougar is the school’s mascot, so the idea is that anything accomplished though his endeavors would be “this cougar’s marque” on the industry. It’s a bit cheesy, we admit, but it comes from the heart.

    The two schools do have the same fight song, however (La Marque borrowing from UH), so, um, yeah, there’s that.

    We also have a lot of people who pronounce the name as “Cougar’s Marquee.” But, seeing as how “marquee” has two Es and “marque” has one…