The "Logo Saga" – The End in Sight?

The “Logo Saga” is coming to a close (so we hope). Thank you big time to Chris Alexander, David Quintana-Lujan and Ejai Aitch for your individual offers; I’ve decided to go with an online logo company that another local filmmaker has used – to great success – so this little adventure should be wrapped within a week.

Who would’ve thought it would be this hard? Oh well, it’ll be work it. Another brick laid in the foundation of our inevitable rebirth…

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New Logo, Take Three

Well, out of the three artists I hired last week to create our new logo, one flat out said they couldn’t do what I wanted (apparently, they aren’t as talented as they’d like to make folks believe), one only did a third of the work they said they would (revealing after the fact that they’re really just a beginner at Photoshop – of course that wasn’t mentioned in their pitch), and the last one… is two days late on their delivery and hasn’t responded to my update request. At least they were dirt cheap. The logo saga continues…

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New Logo, Take Two

Oookay, so we need to select a new artist for our logo. The first one – sheesh. Places, everyone. Take two…

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Making Moves

Selected an artist to rework our logo. The work is being done as I type…

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Rebranding on the Horizon?

Contemplating ideas for a logo re-design. Time to freshen things up a bit…

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Happy Holidays!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Cougar’s Marque Entertainment!

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Ladies and gentlemen, Cougar’s Marque Entertainment, LLC is proud to announce the first three members of the cast of its first-ever foray into scripted web series – THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ABIGAIL WALLER!

ANTHONY AUGUST as Darren Brown
and LEE WADDELL as Abigail Waller

Congratulations to our cast, and a HUGE thanks to every actor who came out to audition for the show. Now it’s on to the next step. We hope you’re ready. We know we are!

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