And Just Like That, A New Logo Rises

Well, damn.

Not 24 hours after we released what we thought was our new and final logo, we saw something on Facebook that completely, unequivocally, changed the game. After we released the logo, a friend caught what I had written about liking what we had, but not getting exactly what we wanted. He offered the services of his “brother,” and said he could create something for us that, if we liked it, would be ours free and clear. I rejected the offer at first, happy enough with what we’d just dropped (and not wanting to go through the process again with another designer – one I feared wouldn’t do any better), but my friend gently pushed, so I said, “what the hell” and even gave a bit of direction – a “let’s see if he can at least do this” piece of input...

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The New Logo is Here!

Feast your eyes on the new logo for Cougar’s Marque Entertainment! It’s not as drastic a change as we originally planned, but during all the back and forth, we realized how cool our original logo was, and decided to more closely refine what we already had. And we’re proud of the outcome. We can’t wait to see this thing on the big screen!

To infinity… and beyond!
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The "Logo Saga" – Update 3/29/12

Just signed off on the final revision. The logo looks awesome. Still, I might wait until I get the raw files from the design company and make one last version – for s#!ts and giggles. Wanna see something…

In any event, expect the unveiling SOON.

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The "Logo Saga" – Update 3/27/12

The end’s in sight. Finally..

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The "Logo Saga" – Update

Got the first set of revisions back…

Ever have a situation where you tell someone what you want multiple times, and you still don’t get it – and it leaves you to wonder if they’re refusing to do what you asked out of spite or if they just can’t do what you want are aren’t man/woman enough to admit it? Yeah, that’s where we are now.

I think we’re going to have to settle a little bit. We can (and will) have more revisions done, but we have things to do and can’t continue going back and forth. It’s apparent they can’t do what we’re wanting; I just wish they would’ve said that upfront. #givemewhatiwantandillgoaway

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The "Logo Saga" – The Next Generation

THE LOGO SAGA – UPDATE: The online company I went with for our new design hit us back with five concepts. Although they did nice work, none of the concepts fits what we’re going for. We can do revisions, though, and I’m about to hit them up with some notes. If they can bring their half to match the half I’ve come up with, it’s gonna be NICE.

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Hardware Upgrade

Check it out – our new editing system, fresh from the factory! We needed a major upgrade in order to make the kind of projects we’re planning, so this is the first – and most crucial – step in making those projects a reality. It’s really on now – this revolution WILL be televised!

Another look…

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