• In Development
  • "The Party" (2005)

    When the wife's away, the husbands will play in CME's first comedic short film.

    "Randi's Birthday" (2005)

    A father pays tribute to his daughter on her special day in this touching short.

    "Keep Livin'" (2007)

    Music video featuring Houston-based rapper Alias "J" - winner of the Mix Down/Picture Up Song and Video Competition, co-sponsored by sKinny beatz and Cougar's Marque Entertainment.

    "The Life and Times of Abigail Waller" (2015)

    CME's first foray into the world of the web series, now being re-imagined as Cougar's Marque Comics' first-ever webcomic!


    New Projects: Nisa’s Solo and Revelation

    We’re proud to formally announce the next two projects from Cougar’s Marque Entertainment – the short dramas Nisa’s Solo and Revelation.

    Nisa’s Solo, originally conceived in April 2002, first drafted in April 2004 and now being rewritten, tells the story of Nisa, a young girl who lives with her aunt after her parents’ violent divorce. When her estranged, abusive, recovering-alcoholic mother drops out of the blue with news of the passing of her maternal grandmother, whom Nisa hasn’t seen in years, Nisa is not only confronted with the loss, but with the deceased’s final wish: to sing at her funeral – something Nisa once cherished, but abandoned due to her mother’s incessant discouragement and verbal abuse. Battling emotions ranging from rage to spite to sorrow to lapsing self-confidence, Nisa has a choice: maintain her justified anger (and deny her grandmother) or make the effort to rekindle a passion long snuffed out, giving the deceased (and thereby mother) exactly what she wants?

    Revelation was originally created in January 2004 as an entry into the BET Rap-It-Up/Black AIDS Short Subject Film Competition. Though the script didn’t advance in the contest, the story of a school teacher who returns to her family home on her birthday to deliver some devastating news resonated, leading to the decision to self-produce the short. That plan never came to fruition and in 2008 the piece was rewritten with a totally different story, though sticking to the same theme of AIDS in the Black community. Planned as a companion short to the then in-development feature film A Mile In My Shoes, things were again put on hold when that project failed to move forward. Since then, it was decided to take the story back to its roots, and the original storyline is now being re-installed and improved. Current plans for the “second” story include it being joined by two other “companion shorts” if/when A Mile In My Shoes goes back into production.

    The Life and Times of Abigail Waller is still a go, though obviously it has been pushed back until later this year. We think this works because since we’ve been out of the loop production-wise for so long, the shorts will help us get back in “production shape” before tacking what will be, essentially, several short films. As of this time, there are no dates set for either of these projects – but we’d love to get going sometime this summer. Both Nisa’s Solo and Revelation are in rewrites, and several hardware upgrades need to be made to modernize our workflow. We’ve got big plans for this year and going forward. Updates will be posted as these projects move through the pipeline.

    Stay tuned…

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