“The Party” (2005)

CME’s first short film. Craft services and script supervision by Shaundra Ray. Written, produced and directed by Kevin Sorrell. Shot January 8-9, 2005.

First cast meeting 
Director Kevin Sorrell with actors Kyle Love, Anthony Loston and Brent Lartigue 
Alyssa Rachelle on slate, Kenny Haner on boom 
Actress Ateya Richard 
Brent and Alyssa between takes 
Kyle, Anthony and Brent on set 
Osaro Derrick and script supervisor Shaundra Ray 
Stressing the costumes 
Further stressing 
Kevin and Alyssa dress the set 
Making an intentional mess 
Things got real ugly for the characters  
“Who ya rootin’ for?” 
Organized chaos