Killing Me Softly (2006) 

Short film co-produced with Houston-based Original Seed Filmz. Written by Chigozie Nwokeafor, rewrite by Kevin Sorrell. Script supervision by Shaundra Ray. Produced and directed by Chigozie Nwokeafor and Kevin Sorrell. Shot March 18-19; 26, 2006.


Co-directors Kevin Sorrell and Chigozie O. Nwokeafor


Actor Howard Block


Last looks


Actor Marcus Freeman


Actors Barrett Blackmon and Richard Flood 


Barrett and actress Nikki Donley rehearse a seduction


Discussing a bit of action


Devil in a pink dress


Cast and crew


A Girl’s Guide to Soul Search (2005)

Short film lit, shot and edited by Kevin Sorrell. Script supervision by Shaundra Ray. Written, produced and directed by Alyssa Rachelle. Shot July 23-24, 2005.

Director Alyssa Rachelle


Kevin Sorrell – director of photography


Keeping organized on set


Makeup artist Torrie Babineaux and script supervisor Shaundra Ray


Framing the long shot


Actors Geralda Baugh and Brooke Davis-Giles


Setting the color balance


Using nature’s lighting


Brooke’s character mourns her loss