• In Development
  • "The Party" (2005)

    When the wife's away, the husbands will play in CME's first comedic short film.

    "Randi's Birthday" (2005)

    A father pays tribute to his daughter on her special day in this touching short.

    "Keep Livin'" (2007)

    Music video featuring Houston-based rapper Alias "J" - winner of the Mix Down/Picture Up Song and Video Competition, co-sponsored by sKinny beatz and Cougar's Marque Entertainment.

    "The Life and Times of Abigail Waller" (2015)

    CME's first foray into the world of the web series, now being re-imagined as Cougar's Marque Comics' first-ever webcomic!


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    The Life and Times of Abigail Waller Update #1

    Things have been coming along well with the development of the show.

    On the administrative side of things, a Facebook page has been established and will be activated in the coming weeks, with a Twitter account soon to follow. There’s also been an addition to the creative team, with CME Business Manager Shaundra Ray officially coming on as Head of Sales and Marketing. I haven’t gone out to anyone else yet for other key positions, but the addition of Shaundra is vital because she’s done extensive research in marketing, both online and offline, as well as search engine optimization – creatively organizing websites to rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo...

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    Introduction – The Life and Times of Abigail Waller

    I mentioned this project in a previous post as one of the projects I’m currently developing, spurred on by the DOA performance of Lupus Moon and my mounting frustration with the spec route in general. I’m excited about what I have so far and the potential this project has.

    Background on the Project

    The Life and Times of Abigail Waller began as an idea for a TV show in August 2008. I’ve had a few TV concepts over the years, and like the rest, I’d jotted down the basic premise and shoved it in an overflowing zippered binder with countless other ideas and concepts. My first love being writing for movies, TV writing was something I never gave a lot of thought to – primarily because I didn’t know much about it...

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